3-5KW Solar Inverter On Grid

Product Details
  • Model Number: YDSI-3KW

  • Power 3-5kw

  • Rated power factor >0.99%

  • 2 MPPT channels

  • MPPT efficiency higher than 99.5%

  • MPPT wide operating voltage range of 150VDC-400VDC

  • Max. Efficiency of 98%,european efficiency of 97%

  • IP65 rating

  • Integrated RS232/Wi-Fi interfaces, for improved communication

  • LCD screen

  • THD<3%

Multiple-level protection: dc under-voltage protection, dc over-voltage protection, ac under-voltage protection, ac over-voltage protection, over-load protection, overheat protection, islanding protection, grounding fault detection, power network monitoring, built-in current