Analysis Of Compressed Air Energy Storage System

                 The energy storage System has many forms, such as pumped storage system, battery storage system, flywheel energy storage system and compressed air energy storage System. The technology of pumped storage system is mature, but the requirement of geographical environment is high. It is not suitable for the application of wind farm, the manufacturing cost of battery storage system is higher, and there are two pollution problems; the flywheel energy storage system has less power, more large-scale problems, and the compressed air storage system is efficient, reliable, economical, and environmentally friendly, and is an international frontier technology for the development of.Energy Storage System

                  For large-scale grid-connected wind farms, the system is mainly based on underground storage of compressed air, which is completely dependent on geological conditions, and for micro-small wind power generation system, high pressure air direct expansion can be used in order to ensure stable power supply quality without external fuel. A small compressed air storage system with compressed air stored on the ground is used to store compressed air in a pressure pipe or gas storage tank, and the system installation is not restricted by geographical conditions. In order to improve the system efficiency and increase the storage volume, the most important measure is to improve the operating pressure of the system, but the system pressure and system efficiency, operation reliability and so on, need to consider synthetically.Energy Storage System

                   Increasing the operating pressure of the system can improve the energy storage density of the compressed air energy storage system and reduce the volume of the gas storage tank. However, whether it is a turbine structure or a volumetric structure, although the optimal efficiency of single-stage compression or expansion has an optimum pressure ratio or expansion ratio, but the single stage pressure ratio and the expansion are relatively small, the increase of the pressure of the energy storage system must be increased by the compressor and Expander series.Energy Storage System