Classification Of Lithium Polymer Batteries

            Lithium Polymer battery-named way lithium-ion polymer batteries are generally used 6-7-digit name, respectively, the thickness/width/height, such as PL6567100 for the thickness of 6.5mm, the width of 67mm, the height of 100mm lithium-ion polymer batteries, wherein PL said the battery belongs to the polymer category. Lithium-ion polymer battery manufacturing process is generally used laminated soft packaging, so the size of the change is very flexible and convenient, the model is relatively large.Lithium Polymer Battery

           (1) Solid polymer electrolyte lithium ion battery. The electrolyte is a mixture of polymers and salts, which are low in ionic conductivity at room temperature and suitable for high-temperature use. (2) Gel polymer electrolyte lithium ion battery. That is, adding plasticizers and other additives to the solid polymer electrolyte to improve the ionic conductivity, so that the battery can be used at room temperature. (3) Lithium ion batteries for polymer cathode materials. The use of conductive polymers as cathode materials, the energy than the existing lithium-ion battery 3 times times, is the latest generation of lithium-ion batteries.Lithium Polymer Battery

           Because the solid electrolyte replaces the liquid electrolyte, compared with liquid lithium-ion battery, the polymer lithium-ion battery has the advantages of thin-form, arbitrary area and arbitrary shape, and will not produce the safety problems of leakage and combustion explosion, therefore, the aluminum-plastic composite film can be used to make the battery shell, which can improve the capacity of the whole battery; polymer lithium-ion batteries can also be used as cathode materials, the quality of the energy than the current liquid lithium-ion battery more than 50%. In addition, the polymer lithium-ion batteries in the working voltage, charge and discharge cycle life and other aspects of the increase than lithium-ion batteries. Based on the above advantages, polymer lithium-ion battery is known as the next generation lithium-ion battery.Lithium Polymer Battery