Energy Storage Battery Awareness

First, classification:

Common storage batteries for the lead-acid battery (currently being gradually developed with lithium iron phosphate as the cathode material of lithium-ion battery).

Energy storage batteries are divided into the following three categories:

1 exhaust gas storage lead-acid battery - the battery cover can be rehydration and precipitation of gas device battery.

2 VRLA batteries - each battery is sealed, but with a battery that allows the gas to overflow when the internal pressure exceeds a certain value.Energy Storage Battery

3 colloidal energy storage lead-acid batteries - the use of colloidal electrolyte batteries.

Second, the characteristics;

 Storage lead-acid batteries must have the following characteristics

1 use a wide temperature range, the general requirements in the -30-60 degrees of temperature can be normal operation.

2 battery low temperature performance is better, even if the temperature is relatively low areas can also be used.

3 capacity consistency is good, in the battery series and parallel use, to maintain consistency.

4 charge acceptance is good. In the unstable charging environment, there is a stronger charge to accept the ability.

5 long life, reduce maintenance and maintenance costs, reduce the overall system investment.Energy Storage Battery

Third, the knowledge of energy storage problems;

Policy is a catalyst, the recent policy comes down to three insist: adhere to the direction of market-oriented unswervingly; adhere to the problem-oriented and demand-oriented; adhere to the market self-development and policy to help.

Further, there are six clear. One is clear the energy storage and energy storage services commodity attributes; the second is clear energy storage in the electricity market has an independent market position; three is a clear energy storage market diversification pattern; four is a clear energy storage fair participation in the market, And the price should be commercialized; five is clear storage market access order; six is clear business and government parties to the boundaries of the rights and responsibilities.

Technology is the basis of technological innovation is the energy storage large-scale commercial application of the pilot, energy storage regulation performance, reliability, comprehensive cost and other indicators in a relatively short period of time will be more substantial increase for the healthy development of energy storage industry laid the foundation , For the large-scale commercialization of energy storage provides the possibility. Of course, technology and the economy have a relationship.Energy Storage Battery

The market is the touchstone, energy storage market once the breakthrough, the energy revolution followed. Energy storage to win the market, the key is to recognize the time value of electricity, recognize the spot market and auxiliary services operating mechanism, expensive and high quality storage capacity in the face of short rigid demand and potential social losses, may no longer expensive. Including energy storage and renewable energy in all sectors of society, to jointly call for and actively participate in scientific and standardized power market construction.