Function Of Energy Storage System

                The function of the energy storage system is to shifting, to store the electricity at the trough of electricity, and then send it out at peak power, to balance the power load.Energy Storage System

                1, energy storage system used in the electric power industry: The power system uses the energy storage device to save the system comprehensive electricity cost, absorbs the electric energy at the low cost, at the peak time release, obtains the peak Valley electricity price difference to bring the economic benefit. Shan storage can be used in power generation, which can improve the stability of generators. When the generator is disturbed, it can quickly absorb the uneven power flow, ease the oscillation of the rotor, so that the generator in a variety of disturbances, the output of the state of more stable. Shan Energy Storage System is used for power transmission and distribution, it can flexibly dispose the power supply, remove peak demand, improve power supply quality, provide voltage and frequency guarantee, reduce line loss and improve the stability of the whole transmission and distribution system. The Shan energy storage System can improve the quality of the circuit and reduce the peak value when it is used in the client.Energy Storage System

                2, storage equipment and new energy matching with the development of technology, the development of new energy is more and more rapid, the proportion of more and more large. But in new energy, wind and solar power generation is intermittent and unstable. Storage equipment can be matched with new energy, to solve the demand of electricity peak and promote the development of new energy. The energy storage system can be combined with wind/solar/other energy to solve the problem of power grid: Shan in the daytime when the power generation is relatively small, through the energy storage device to smooth the grid fluctuation effectively, to better solve the grid security problem. Shan can absorb energy in extreme situations, storing low wind power at peak times and reducing grid load. Shan reduce rotation reserve.Energy Storage System