Industry Groups Called For The Development Of Lithium Battery Electric Bike

National Statistics Bureau of 316 electric bicycles enterprises above designated size statistics show that since the first three quarters of this year, electric bicycle production has reached 18.42 million units. By the end of the amplification, coupled with the size of enterprises, production up to 350.04 billion this year. Meanwhile, above-scale enterprises in the third quarter before sales of 50.9 billion yuan, an increase of 23.6%, combined with the size and zoom in to the end of the following, the main business revenue will exceed 100 billion yuan.

In the above information before publishing on lithium battery electric bike news from the industry, such as: 1 June 1st for lithium-ion batteries for electric bicycle specifications implementation of industry standards. 2, published by the Bureau of industry and commerce in Beijing 18th point bike product catalog listed models are for lithium-ion batteries in electric cars, not a lead-acid battery electric vehicles. 3, developed by the Tianjin electric bicycle industry development plan proposes to increase the proportion of lithium battery electric bike production. But in the current market of electric bicycles, lithium battery-powered is not much power source 95% for lead-acid batteries, lithium accounted for only 5%. Domestic bicycle power lithium-ion battery uses lithium iron phosphate battery, better price/performance than the lead-acid batteries account for weaknesses. A lead-acid battery for electric bicycle in Tianjin market priced at around 1800, and lithium battery electric bike in 2800 Yuan.