Japan Developed A Solid Wide-temperature Lithium-ion Battery

Japan research team has developed a lithium-ion battery based on solid medium, you can enhance the adaptive capacity of batteries, with wider environmental temperature.

The Group has developed a dielectric can be the same as the electrolyte to produce current, unlike existing lithium-ion batteries, which are, which is a solid, the research team created a solid-state lithium-ion battery, after several tests, its conductivity can reach the level of existing lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries currently used in consumer electronics, a large market for electric cars. Regardless of is digital battery also is power battery, now are is liquid lithium ion battery, polymer battery although is lithium battery of a, but its electrolytic quality structure is between solid and solid Zhijian of, this is because in existing technology Xia, high-energy effect, and high-density of chemical battery only by liquid electric media to achieved, existing of solid electric media actual conductivity rate is low, only reached liquid electrolytic liquid of one-tenth around, on temperature changes more sensitive, work temperature limit in has 50 ℃ to 80 ℃ range.