Lithium Ion Battery Charger


              With the rapid development of portable applications, such as mobile phones and digital cameras and other products supporting the lithium battery charger also need to keep pace with the development of portable applications. In a variety of lithium battery chargers, charger and universal chargers are currently the most popular products. According to statistics, the two products in the world-wide monthly sales of up to 30 million.Lithium Ion Battery

               The current charger application, the more common display function is through the LED or LCD lamp light, dark, flashing and other states to indicate whether the charge and the battery is full. In the process of charging, customers can only see two of States, full and not full. and unable to show the battery more detailed power information, in the event of an emergency, this shortcoming often brings great trouble. For example, when a charger user is eager to know when the battery will be filled, or at what stage the battery is currently charging. In some cases, it is important to know that the battery has been recharged to 20% or 80%.Lithium Ion Battery

               In response to the above problems, the development of a of lithium battery charger (universal charge/seat charge) design of the supporting lcd/led drive circuit SE9120, in the display of battery power can also show the charging progress and battery filling status.Lithium Ion Battery

The SE9120 detects the voltage on both ends of the battery and the polarity of the battery through the B1 Battery Information unit in the battery power unit, and then automatically converts the polarity of the battery, the voltage of the battery is transmitted to the B2 Analog-to-digital conversion Unit, and then the module control unit compares the signal of the battery charge with the reference voltage provided by the built-in accurate reference voltage unit, thus converts the analog battery signal to a digital signal and provides a back-level circuit.Lithium Ion Battery