Lithium Polymer Battery Several Major Characteristics

   Lithium polymer battery (Li-polymer, also known as polymer lithium battery): relative to the previous battery, for high energy, miniaturization, lightweight, is a chemical nature of the battery. In shape, lithium polymer battery with ultra-thin features, with some of the needs of the product, made into different shapes and capacities of the battery.Lithium Polymer Battery The type of battery, theoretically the minimum thickness of up to 0.5mm. The three elements of the general battery: positive, negative and electrolyte. The so-called lithium polymer battery refers to the three elements in at least one or more than the use of polymer materials, the battery system. In lithium polymer battery systems, most of the polymer materials are used in the cathode and electrolyte. Cathode material is used in conductive polymer or general lithium-ion battery used in inorganic compounds, negative commonly used lithium metal or lithium carbon layer of the compound, the electrolyte is the use of solid or colloidal polymer electrolyte, or organic electrolyte. Since there is no excess electrolyte in the lithium polymer, it is more reliable and more stable.Lithium Polymer Battery Lithium polymer battery is the use of filing alloy to do the cathode, the use of polymer conductive materials, polyacetylene, polyaniline or poly-phenol and other negative, organic solvent as an electrolyte. Lithium polyaniline battery specific energy can reach 350W.h / kg, but the specific power of only 50-60W / kg, the use of temperature -40-70 degrees, about 330 times the life. Relative to the lithium-ion battery, lithium polymer battery features are as follows 1. Relative to improve the battery leakage problem, but did not completely improve. 2. Can be made into a thin battery: 3.6V250mAh capacity, the thickness can be thin to 0.5mm. 3. The battery can be designed in a variety of shapes. 4. Can be made into a single high voltage: liquid electrolyte battery can only be a few batteries in series to get high voltage, and polymer batteries because of their own liquid, can be made within a single multi-layer combination to achieve high voltage. 5. Discharge, theoretically higher than the same size of lithium-ion battery 10%.Lithium Polymer Battery