Ni-MH Battery Maintenance

          1. In general, the new Ni-MH battery contains only a small amount of electricity, which we have to charge and then use before purchasing. But if the battery factory time is relatively short, the power is very sufficient, it is recommended to use before recharging.Ni-MH Battery

          2. The new Ni-MH batteries generally have to go through 3-4 times of charge and use, performance can play to the best status, many friends first charge encounter small problems, such as the first charge after the number of films did not imagine so many. After 3-4 times the charge and the use are all solved.Ni-MH Battery

          3. Although the memory effect of Ni-MH battery is small, it is recommended that you try to recharge it once every time you use it, and be full of it once and for all. This is an important point of longevity.

          4. Battery charging, to pay attention to the heat dissipation around the charger, too deliberately with what fan is not necessary to blow, but to note that the charger should not be placed around too much debris. Ordinary users in the process of using batteries, the battery often does not have a dedicated storage package; After the replacement of the battery, the user will habitually put the battery, regardless of whether the place is clean and humid. The consequence is that the batteries are easy to get dirty, touch easily with metal, such as keys and other contacts, easy to damp, and these are the enemy of the battery. Recommendation: The user should set a battery-specific placement point and keep the battery clean. In order to avoid the loss of electricity and other problems, to maintain the battery at both ends of the contact point and battery cover inside clean, if necessary, use a soft, clean dry cloth lightly.Ni-MH Battery

          5. When not in use for a long time, remember to remove the battery from the battery compartment and put it in a dry environment recommended in the battery box, you can avoid short circuit.