Ni-MH Battery Use And Maintenance Matters Needing Attention

1, Ni-MH Battery in general, the new nickel-hydrogen batteries contain only a small amount of electricity, we buy after the first charge and then use. But if the battery factory time is relatively short, the electricity is very sufficient, recommended first use and then recharge.

2, Ni-MH Battery newly bought Ni-MH batteries generally undergo 3-4 times of charging and use, performance can be played to the best state, many friends first charge encountered small problems, such as the first charge after the number of PP shoot not as much as imagined ah? After 3-4 of the charging and the use of all the time is solved.

3, Ni-MH Battery although the memory effect of Ni-MH batteries is small, it is still recommended that you try to recharge each time after use, and is a one-time full, do not charge a will and then recharge. This is an important point in "longevity".

4, Ni-MH Battery the battery charging, should pay attention to the heat dissipation around the charger, too deliberately with what fan blowing no need, but to note that the charger is not placed around too much debris. Ordinary users in the process of using batteries, batteries often do not have a dedicated storage package; users will be accustomed to the battery after replacing, regardless of whether the place is clean, damp. The consequence is that the battery is prone to dirty, contact easily with metal Shan such as keys, such as contacts, prone to damp, and these are the battery enemy.

Ni-MH Battery Recommendation: Users should set up a battery-specific placement point and keep the battery clean. In order to avoid the loss of electricity and other problems, keep the batteries at both ends of the contact point and the interior of the battery lid clean, if necessary, use a soft, clean dry cloth light rub.

5, Ni-MH Battery for a long time, remember to take the battery out of the battery bin, put in a dry environment recommended into the battery box, can avoid the battery short-circuit.

6, Ni-MH Battery long-term Ni-MH batteries will be stored in a few months, the battery naturally enters a "dormant" state, the battery life greatly reduced. If Ni-MH batteries have been placed for a long time, it is advisable to use slow charging.

Here's another key question: for nickel-hydrogen batteries, should the batteries be fully discharged and saved, or live? Which of these two distinct viewpoints should be adopted? Many people think that the former should be adopted, I think the battery is more reasonable live. Because: According to test, Ni-MH battery preservation is the best condition of live 80%% preservation.

Ni-MH Battery This is because the nickel-hydrogen battery self-discharge (one months 10%-15%%), if the battery completely discharged after the preservation, a long time not used, the battery self-discharge phenomenon will cause battery discharge, will damage the battery. Not believe? Then you think about the new Ni-MH rechargeable batteries are still electricity, which is the truth.