"Passive" Mobile Power

Featured products in mobile power is the electronic market, but as a subsidiary of the "passive" nature is likely to encounter bottlenecks.

From the application point of view, mobile power seems to be applicable to a wide range of products, for example, can be feminine products, commercial products, or outdoor products, but also because of this, it has no sophisticated concepts, development is not enough in the market called the "precision" of the product concept and application in precision equipment become the blind spot of mobile power.

From the point of technical requirements, mobile power must first guarantee the security, this is because lithium-ion batteries as storage unit itself can present a security risk. Under the same price, features, who on the security of superior, who will compete in the future profit in the market. These factors may be involved: overcharge protection, fire prevention, core stability, security for a specific environment, these are some users really care about.