Technology Prospect Of Energy Storage Battery

                  The energy storage technology is closely connected with the new Energy application and the development of the power grid, which can effectively improve the efficiency and solve the problems of power supply in remote areas. Therefore, energy storage technology is the key technology to be solved by solar and wind energy, and it is the key link to develop new energy sources. Industry insiders believe that the future of energy storage batteries should be in the wind power and photovoltaic industry, especially in the already large number of distribution of wind power industry. Because of the instability of wind resources, although the wind and photovoltaic industry has been developing rapidly in recent years, but has been plagued by grid-connected, the application of energy storage technology can help the wind farm output smooth and "peak fill Valley."Energy Storage Battery

                  At present, the mainstream energy storage technology includes both physical and electrochemical energy storage. Physical storage can include: Pumped storage, compressed air, flywheel energy storage and superconducting energy storage, open cycle gas turbines. Electrochemical storage can be: sodium-sulfur batteries, vanadium batteries, lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries. Among them, electrochemical energy storage technology has become the first choice of power grid application storage technology to solve the new power access because of its short construction period, low operation cost and no impact on environment.Energy Storage Battery

                  New energy industry development needs energy storage batteries, the development of the new power industry must vigorously develop high security, long life, high energy density storage battery. For the power grid application of energy storage batteries require large capacity, the market is more on lithium-ion batteries, sodium sulfide batteries and liquid-flow battery technology. For power grid energy storage applications, especially for wind power energy storage applications, all vanadium batteries and sodium sulfur batteries are two major commercially recognized commercial technologies.Energy Storage Battery