The Application Of Ni-MH Battery

   Ni-MH batteries are synthesized by hydrogen ions and nickel-metal, with a power reserve of 30% more than Ni-CD batteries, lighter than nickel-cadmium batteries, longer service life and no pollution to the environment. The disadvantage of NiMH batteries is that the price is much more expensive than Ni-CD batteries, and the performance is worse than that of lithium batteries. In 1960, Stanford and his wife, Alice, set up the energy conversion Equipment Company (ECD), dedicated to the development of energy-related things, and all products were labeled Ovonics. Of course, in all of Stanford's inventions, the best is the NiMH reaction cell. This is a portable battery that can be used to recharge a hybrid car, and it is also very environmentally friendly. This battery is used by GM EV1 cars. It is also worth mentioning that Stanford, who was born in 1922, did not go to college, he could be said to be a self-taught inventor.Ni-MH Battery
   Ni-MH batteries are mainly used in hybrid electric vehicles. 2011 HEV Market accounted for 56%, the retail market (including remote control vehicles, toys, household appliances, digital cameras) accounted for 24%, cordless phones accounted for 11%, and other markets 9%. The world's nickel-hydrogen batteries are mainly produced by Chinese and Japanese companies, accounting for more than 95% of global production. Global Ni-MH battery more than 70% in China production, China Ni-MH battery Enterprises mainly include Super PA, Hao Peng, BYD, HuanYu, Branch force far, Lichochen, Sampu (nine Yi Energy), Disheng, San Jie, capacity, Grepp and so on. Japanese enterprises Panasonic, soup Shallow, Sanyo has shifted the production of small nickel-hydrogen batteries to China. Large NiMH batteries are mainly produced in Japan, producing enterprises mainly for Primearth electric vehicle energy Company (PEVE) and Sanyo Motor, Panasonic and Sanyo merger, and Panasonic's southern Hunan factory sold to the Chinese branch force far. Therefore, large-scale Ni-MH batteries have been mainly produced by Panasonic.Ni-MH Battery
   As a high-energy green rechargeable battery developed rapidly today, Ni-MH battery has been widely used in the fields of laptops, portable cameras, digital cameras and electric bicycles with high energy density, fast charge and discharge, long cycle life and no pollution. In order to improve the performance of Ni-MH battery, the research on the cathode hydrogen storage material has never been interrupted.Ni-MH Battery