Toyota Said It Would Repeal Petrol-electric Hybrid Route Of Nimh Batteries

Toyota officials said that will put all its carrying petrol-electric hybrid nimh batteries for new modelsThe lithium battery.Its reason is due to the volume of a lithium battery smaller and lighter, can help to reduce the fuel consumption of a certain in daily use.

From 1997 to March 31 this year Toyota hybrid accumulative total sales of 5 million vehicles in the world, the prius is occupied 70%.In a very long time, the prius is to highlight some nimh battery manufacturers at home and abroad.Deprecated makes an industry outcry of nimh batteries.Toyota hybrid has been promoting nimh batteries, and now all of a sudden give up some main domesticNickel metal hydride battery manufacturersA big surprise.At present domestic are still in the production of nickel metal hydride batteries manufacturer mainly byd, huanyu self, corun, dongguan maike and zibo disheng, weft lithium can science and technology, shenzhen force can hing, quantity, times, etc.