Why Are Fuel Cells And Lithium-ion Batteries Could Be Battery?

Traditional lead-acid batteries used to be the most important battery, but because of the pollution and the lack of performance, not only is being replaced by rising star Li-ion battery, and could be overtaken by fuel cells. Lead-acid battery energy density is low, in heavy need of new energy vehicles take up the overall quality and relatively large size, a charge process is shorter; the short life and high long-term costs. And by pollution runs counter to the concept of the new energy-powered cars.

From the characteristics of the present, lithium-ion batteries in cell phones, computers and other equipment in the use of new energy automobiles are useful, but it is not so important and widely used in small applications. Corresponding to the lithium-ion batteries, or even complementary is the fuel cell, the battery seems to be natural born is for electric/hybrid vehicles. For electric vehicles, what choice does lithium battery or fuel cell? Here is they need to be compared to illustrate the main parameters.