6F22 6V Ni-MH Battery

6F22 6V Ni-MH Battery
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1.6F22 6V Ni-MH Battery Performance Parameters

Battery Model ?Ni-MH H6V280

Type?Sealed Flat Ni-MH Battery Pack

Rated Voltage ?6.0V

Discharge Cut-off Voltage ?5.0V

Rated Capacity ?280mAh

Min Capacity?252mAh

Cycle Life ??500 times


Storage Temperature?-20??+35?

Discharge Temperature ?-20??+60?

Standard Charge Temperature:0??+45?

Fast Charge Temperature ?+10??+45?


2.6F22 6V Ni-MH Battery Charge Time Comparison

Charge Method

Charge Current

Charge Time

Charge Condition

Fast charge


14~16 hours

Charge temperature 20?

Fast charge


4.5 hours

Charge temperature 20?

Large current charge


1.2 hours

-?V=70mV control?charge temperature20?

Low current charge


Charge temperature 20?


1.6F22 6V Ni-MH battery production advantage

  1.Ni-MH battery features higher energy density, could efficiency lengthen work time without increase portable device weight.

  2.Battery with low memory effect that could rechargeable when without fully discharge, convenient for applies.

  3.Long cycle life, longer than 500 of IEC standard.

  4.Wide work temperature scope, could work under the temperature from 20 to 60 ?.

2.6F22 6V Ni-MH battery storage

In order to assure battery capacity status, suggest store condition of -20~25?, low temperature, no corrode gas.

Avoid relative high temperature and humidity storage, or battery would leakage, corrode, and capacity loss.

Long term storage could causes Ni-MH battery and battery pack capacity declines, and requires 1-3 cycles to reach highest discharge capacity.