13.2V 9000mAh C Ni-MH Battery Pack

13.2V 9000mAh C Ni-MH Battery Pack
Product Details


1.13.2V 9000mAh C Ni-MH Battery Pack

Cell Model:Ni-MH C4500mAh 1.2V

Type:C Ni-MH Battery Pack

Rated Voltage:13.2V

Discharge Cut-off Voltage:11.1V

Rated Capacity:9000mAh

Min Capacity:8500mAh

Cycle Life:=500 times

Internal Resistance: :150mO

Storage Temperature:-20~35?

Discharge Temperature :-20~60?

Standard Charge Temperature:0~45?

Fast Charge Temperature :10~45?

Size: 54*108*155mm(MAX)

2.13.2V 9000mAh C Ni-MH Battery Pack Charge Time Comparison

Charge Method

Charge Current

Charge Time

Charge Condition

Standard charge


14~16 hours

Charge temperature 20?

Fast charge


4.5 hours

Charge temperature 20?

Low current charge


Charge temperature 20?


Features of 13.2V 9000mAh C Ni-MH Battery Pack:

1.13.2V Ni-MH battery uses 4500mAh C Ni-MH battery cell for assemble, large capacity for single cell, small assemble size, light weight;

2.Low internal resistance, advance battery pack manufacture technology, low consumption and temperature rise, fast charge time;

3.Good storage performance, low self-discharge, capacity remains 60% after 28 days full charged storage;

4.Good safety performance, Ni-MH battery performance stable, it could safe work without special protection circuit;

5.Temperature switch, Ni-MH battery pack contains 75% temperature switch, prevent battery damage from temperature extraordinary during battery charge and discharge process;

6.Green and eco-friendly, free of Cd, Pb etc. toxic material.