F7 750mAh Prismatic Ni-MH Battery

F7 750mAh Prismatic Ni-MH Battery
Product Details


1.F7 750mAh Prismatic Ni-MH Battery Performance Parameters

Battery Model?F7-H750 1.2V

Internal Resistance: ?35 m?

Rated Voltage?1.2V

Discharge Cut-off Voltage?1.0V

Rated Capacity?750mAh

Min Capacity?712mAh

Cycle Life??500 times


Storage Temperature?-20??+35?

Discharge Temperature?-20??+60?

Standard Discharge: 150mA(0.2C)

Fast Discharge: 375mA(0.5C)


2.F7 750mAh Prismatic Ni-MH Battery Charge Time Comparison

Charge Method

Charge Current

Charge Time

Charge Condition

Standard Charge


15 hours

Charge temperature 20?, relative humidity 65±20%

Fast Charge


2.4 hours

-?V=5?10mV?-dT/dt=1.0~3.0?/min?cut-off temperature= 50? (122°F)? environmental temperature 20±5??relative humidity: 65±20%

Low Current Charge


Ta=0?45 ? (recommend low current charge less than 24 hours)


Advantages of F7 750mAh Prismatic Ni-MH Battery:

1.Super high capacity, higher capacity than same kind production.

2.Fast charge, 0.2C fast charge efficient high, low temperature rise.

3.No memory effect, slight battery memory, convenient application.

4.High safety, stable battery electrochemical performance, could safe application without protection circuit.

5.High charge remain ratio, after standard charge, battery capacity remains 60% above after 120 days storage under condition of 20±5?.

6.Green and environmental protection, F7 prismatic rechargeable battery without Pb, Cd, Hg etc. toxic material content, eco-friendly.