3V CR2016 Lithium Battery

3V CR2016 Lithium Battery
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3V CR2016 Lithium Button

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1.CR2016 3V lithium battery product introduction

CR2016 3V lithium battery is developed by Large Company that using unique sealed anti-leakage and new type active material, metal lithium as anode activate material, MnO2 as cathode activate material, and solid or liquid salty materials as electrolyte of primary battery; it passes each important test process includes anti-leakage, anti-vibration, anti-drop, short circuit etc., the result is without any unfair phenomenon, fact proves it features excellent anti-leakage, storage, and lithium battery inherent high voltage, thin thickness, light weight, small size, high power, stable voltage, good large current discharge performance, safety and no pollution, clear appearance etc.

2.CR2016 3V lithium battery application

Computer main board, SD card, cell phone, blue wireless product, remote controller, calculator, electric toy, micro wireless device and board, alarm system, medical device etc.

3.CR2016 3V lithium battery application attention

A.Do not short circuit, charge, heat, disassemble or put battery into fire, might cause explosion or fire.

B.Do not over discharge battery, that will affect battery apply life.

C.Do not reverse connection cathode and anode poles when battery weld, it would cause electrolyte leakage and internal short circuit.

D.Put battery in the place of children could not reach, avoid of swallow by mistake.

E.Do not use or store battery that temperature over 85?.